Residential Swingsets PA

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Swing Set Accessories

Quality Residential Playsets

Environmentally Friendly, From The Roof To The Floor!

  1. Optional Wood Roofs are made with weather-resistant lumber.
  2. Optional poly slats carry the added benefits of no splinters, no maintenance, and extra color. Wood slats are standard.
  3. Wood products are harvested stateside by companies who have aggressive environmental programs in place.
    Our treated wood uses non-arsenic based, environmentally safe preservatives to combine the natural beauty
    of real wood with proven long-lasting resistance to termites and fungal decay. It can be painted or stained if
    desired and will benefit from periodic water repellent coatings for best appearance.
  4. Slides, swing seats, and climbing ladder rungs made in USA.
  5. “Bare Feet’s Best Friend!” Floorboards are a splinter-free wood alternative that is easy to maintain and
    does not require synthetic preservatives or coatings.

Adult supervision recommended while playsets are in use.

5-Year Warranty

All products are guaranteed for five years against defects in the manufacturer’s workmanship or materials. In addition, treated wood carries its own
warranty against decay and termite infestation. No other warranties of merchantability are made by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s products
are not warranted as being suitable for a particular purpose. The suitability of products is for the purchaser to determine. Adult supervision is
recommended while play sets are in use. Sets are designed to be used safely for many years. Upper grades of lumber are selected for manufacturing.
Most lumber is dried after treatment and resurfaced with rounded edges for safety, comfort, and ease of maintenance. Metal parts are either rust-proof
or plated to resist corrosion. The manufacturer reserves the right to make design and construction changes without notice. Assembly instructions are included
for sets requiring on-site assembly. A minimum of 8” of playground mulch should be installed in play area to increase safety and enjoyment. Exterior paints
or stains may be applied to any set. ©2012